Unreal 4 Cubit Studios Ballistics FX Pack - Particle Impact FX for projectile weapons with demo blueprints

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Unreal 4 Cubit Studios Ballistics FX Pack - Particle Impact FX for projectile weapons with demo blueprints

Cubit Studios
4 ratings

Launch trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd03gqMuMfE


Material Interactions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6xjBjXFkEk

Some of the latest FX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-PX-Iyo6lA

Pre-launch Videos:

Shrapnel Added to the explosion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JRSY-Pa1j0

Demo Map Work in progress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V45_FbgBgKA


If you are making a game in unreal 4 there is a reasonable chance you may at some point feature projectile weapons. Irrespective of your games genre (first/third person, RTS, adventure, anything!) when a projectile impacts something at high speeds you will invariably need impact particle effects.

How fortunate then that we have an entire selection here for you to utilize.

Version 1.0 has 96 impact particles (small/med/large impact FX for 31 materials) with more to come. There are also ricochet FX, destruction fragment FX and a bonus grenade launcher with shrapnel. Update 1.1 is now available and adds muzzle flashes/smoke, explosive canister blueprints, shell casing FX, a frag grenade, impact sound FX, a new material and improvements to the existing FX. Even more FX will be added in update 1.2.

To show the FX in action, I have included example pistol, assault rifle and large calibre ammunition blueprints, with an example material system and bullet ricochets. There is also a modified first person template with procedural recoil, basic weapon select/grenade launcher and a bullet time mode.

Also included is a demo map with material examples ready to shoot. Of course, how you want to spawn the FX is entirely up to you - completely ignore the demo blueprints if you wish.


* 96 impact particles (32 material types with small/medium/large variants)

* 12 ricochet particles

* 8 fracture particles

* Grenade launcher explosion with shrapnel

* Frag grenade FX

* A first set of decals (which will be expanded upon and improved in


* Impact sound FX for 19 materials and ricochet (also to be expanded

in later updates).

* Modified first person blueprint example with procedural recoil, fire rate, weapon select - with 3 exemplar weapon settings (pistol, assault rifle, Hi powered rifle) and a grenade launcher.

* Ammo example blueprints include ricochet, material modifiers, VFX and Sound spawning with more to come in updates.

* Demo map contains a gallery of materials and destructible meshes to test the FX.

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